Zoom AI Companion launches April 15 at UIC

Dear faculty and staff,

Technology Solutions is pleased to announce that UIC Zoom AI Companion will be available starting April 15.

Following a thorough evaluation by our security and privacy team and conversations with partners across campus, Zoom AI Companion has been approved for implementation as part of our institution’s communication and collaboration service. 

As a reminder, while AI is impressive technology and can assist with many tasks and create new efficiencies in your workflows, you should never rely on its results for 100% accuracy. We also encourage you to review our statement on responsible and acceptable use of generative AItechnology

What is Zoom AI Companion?
Zoom AI Companion is designed to enhance Zoom meetings. The features offer improved accessibility, automated note-taking, personalized recaps and more. 

Discover the benefits and capabilities of Zoom AI Companion by visiting Getting Started with Zoom AI Companion.

I use Zoom to conduct research with human subjects. Can I use Zoom AI Companion?
The use of any AI, including the Zoom AI Companion, when conducting research with human subjects requires prospective Institutional Review Board approval. If you have questions about the use of AI in research, please contact the UIC Office for the Protection of Research Subjects at uicirb@listserv.uic.edu.

How do I get Zoom AI Companion?
AI Companion is turned off by default for all UIC accounts. To learn how to enable it, please visit How can I get started with Zoom AI Companion?

How can I block other AI bots from my meetings?
Zoom AI Companion is the only approved solution for use at UIC. Other services which record, transcribe or apply AI to meetings should never be used for UIC business. As part of the implementation of Zoom AI Companion, we will block attendees from otter.ai and read.ai on all UIC accounts as a default. To learn more about this and how to block other bots, please visit How do I protect my Zoom sessions from AI bots?

How can I get support or ask questions?
For support or to ask questions, please contact us at help.uic.edu.

We look forward to learning how Zoom AI Companion enhances your Zoom experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to share your stories or questions. 


Jason Maslanka
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Chief Technology Officer
Technology Solutions

For more information, please contact:
Jason Maslanka

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