University Scholar Orly Lazarov

Portrait of Orly Lazarov
Orly Lazarov. (Joshua Clark/University of Illinois Chicago)

The University Scholars Program honors faculty members for superior research and teaching, along with great promise for future achievements. The award provides $15,000 a year for three years.

Orly Lazarov
Professor of Neuroscience

Years at UIC: 17

What are your research interests? 
Mechanisms of cognitive function and dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease, the role of hippocampal neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease. 

How did you become interested in these topics? 
Intrigued by the challenge of regenerating the brain.

What do you teach? 
Neuroscience (NEUS501), mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease and neuroanatomy.

How do you balance teaching and research? 
Most of my time is dedicated to research.

What’s your advice to students who want to focus their future careers on research? 
Be passionate about research and question everything.


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