Staying safe after dark

Dear students, faculty and staff,

During the cold and dark days of February, the UIC Police Department wants you to THINK! about planning ahead during your commute to and from campus, special events and classes.

Simply put, evening hours can be more dangerous than daytime hours for transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. When commuting or traveling around town, a few safety tips can help you stay safe in the dark:

  • Transit riders should wait at well-lit stops and travel with colleagues or friends if possible.
  • Pedestrians should wear light- or bright-colored winter wear with reflective fabric or trim to remain visible to motorists. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas and using your phone while walking or crossing the street.
  • Cyclists should ride in bike lanes whenever possible, wear reflective gear and use head or tail lights.
  • Drivers should remain alert, especially in dark, snowy or rainy weather. Slow down and be aware of pedestrians and cyclists who may be rushing to seek shelter during bad weather.

UIC offers several options for getting around campus, including intracampus buses, shuttles, Night Ride and a walking safety escort led by student patrol.

If you decide to walk to your destination on campus or in the surrounding areas, THINK! about staying in well-lit areas. At UIC, we take lighting seriously because we know how important it is for your safety. The UIC Police student patrol conducts lighting surveys on the first and third Monday of every month to ensure campus streetlights are working and that Facilities Management and the city of Chicago maintenance crews are informed about lighting that needs repair. If you would like to participate or receive more information about this program, please email

As always, stay safe out there!

Kevin Booker
Chief, UIC Police

Clarence Bridges
Executive Director, Facilities Management

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