Smoke- and tobacco-free campus

Dear UIC campus community,

The University of Illinois Chicago has a long-standing commitment to the support and maintenance of a smoke-free campus. Its policies and practices comply with key State of Illinois legislation, e.g., the Smoke-Free Illinois Act, the Smoke-Free Campus Act and the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which seek to create spaces that are free from the risk of secondhand smoke. Policies such as the UIC Cannabis Policy and the UIC Tobacco-Free Policy are also aligned with this legislation. These laws and policies prohibit smoking in public places and specifically on any State of Illinois college campus, such as UIC. The policy applies to all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookahs), chew, electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. These laws and policies protect the rights of students, staff, faculty, patients, visitors and contractors to live, learn and work in a smoke-free campus environment, allowing them to “Breathe Easy.” Prohibiting smoking on university property includes but is not limited to labs, buildings, classrooms, residential halls and outdoor spaces such as the quad.

Maintaining UIC’s “Breathe Easy Campus” and adhering to State of Illinois law means smoking can only occur on public sidewalks that border UIC properties. Failure to comply with these statutes and policies may result in warnings or fines.

Thinking about quitting? The first step is as simple as exploring information and identifying support. Learn about the positive effects of quitting that can occur after deciding to be smoke free. For example, a few days after quitting, carbon monoxide levels in the blood drop to normal. See this incredible list of benefits at the American Cancer Society website. If you’re interested in taking that next step, identify the type of support that works best for you. Explore this list of resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Robert Dixon
Interim Vice Chancellor and Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Fred McCall
Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement and Interim Dean of Students

Raphael Florestal-Kevelier
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Health and Wellness

For more information, please contact:
UIC Wellness Center

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