Safety and support resources for our community 

Dear UIC community,    

Our values, compassion and care must be upheld for every member of our campus community to feel safe and respected. Coming together as a community, especially in times of adversity, is necessary to ensure all can live, learn and work without fear.  

We write to describe what we are doing to ensure the safety of our campus and to remind you of the support, programs and resources available:  

Chicago campus safety 

The UIC Police Department continues to monitor local, national and international situations with our partners at the Chicago Police Department and federal agencies. We have no reason to believe a known threat exists for our campus nor has crime on campus increased. If this were to change, the campus community would be alerted. UIC Police routinely adjusts patrols, security tools and resources in response to crime or intelligence received about potential threats. If you see something that raises concern, call UIC Police at 312-355-5555 (emergency) or 312-996-2830 (non-emergency).    

There are many personal safety resources and tools in place to support your safety and well-being on campus and in the surrounding area, including: 

  • UIC Safe is a free app that allows you to share your location with friends and family in real-time as you walk and provides direct access to UIC Police and first responders in the event of an emergency. Download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). 
  • Public Safety Advisories are used to make the community aware of crimes on campus or in the nearby neighborhoods so everyone can be more aware and cautious of their surroundings. The emergency notification system, UIC ALERT, is used when there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of the campus community and when protective actions may be necessary. 
  • Walking safety escorts are available 24/7 on the UIC campus (hours vary at UIC Law). 
  • Night Ride transportation services are available to students and staff within Chicago campus boundaries every day between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. 
  • The Safe Exchange Zone is an area where individuals can exchange their online transactions in a safe, neutral environment under 24/7 video surveillance. It can also be used for child custody exchanges. 
  • The UIC Police Department offers community services such as bicycle and electronics registration, child safety seat instruction and installation, and more. 
  • Request a safety or emergency preparedness presentation for your college, unit or department. 
  • Follow these safety tips when traveling to and from campus.    

  If you have questions about safety on campus, please contact UIC Police,    

Supportive services and well-being    

As outlined in a recent campuswide message, comprehensive resources are available for students who need academic, mental health or well-being support, and for faculty and staff who need guidance on caring for students in distress and supporting their own self-care.    

Together, we can ensure a secure and thriving environment at UIC. Please be kind to yourself, and take care of each other. 


John Coronado
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services 

 Kevin Booker
Chief, UIC Police

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