Reaffirmation of our commitment to equity

Dear UIC community,

With the academic year underway, I write to reaffirm UIC’s commitment to advancing a campus climate that respects and advances tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. As a member of one of the most diverse college campuses in the nation, it is our collective responsibility to truly live our values of inclusivity, dignity, and respect toward one another. Our commitment to access, diversity, equity, inclusion, and excellence is integral to our mission.

Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus is prioritized through our employment and nondiscrimination policies. Discrimination or harassment is prohibited against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, order of protection status, genetic information, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation including gender identity, unfavorable discharge from the military, or status as a protected veteran. These protections apply to all members of the campus community. This includes admissions, enrollment, and provision of services, programs, and activities, and all aspects of employment, including recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, merit increases, salary, training and development, and separation.

UIC is committed to promoting equality and enhancing representation of underrepresented communities through targeted outreach to women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. Inclusivity and a sense of belonging prevail when our teaching, research, clinical, and engagement efforts reflect and honor the diversity of our community and those we serve. Please visit search and recruitment resources to learn more.

There are many resources provided through UIC’s Office for Access and Equity if you experience any form of discrimination or harassment on campus. You can find information about the policies and services available on our campus to help prevent and respond to sexual harassment and misconduct, nondiscrimination, accessibility and accommodations, affirmative action, and prevention and culture change. OAE has updated its complaint resolution procedures and works closely with campus partners to ensure prevention and culture change. If you are experiencing unlawful discrimination or harassment, please report online. Retaliation against any person for exercising their rights under these policies is strictly prohibited.

In addition, OAE facilitates disability, religious, pregnancy/parenting accommodations for students, faculty, and staff.

OAE is also responsible for ensuring campus compliance in matters related to Title IX and preventing and responding to sexual misconduct through UIC’s Prohibition of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Other Sexual Misconduct Policy, and the Comprehensive Policy and Procedures for Sexual Misconduct Grievance Process. Sexual misconduct includes sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. Mandatory reporters are required to contact OAE concerning reports of sexual misconduct. If you are experiencing sexual misconduct, please report online.

OAE offers prevention and culture change services, including training, unit assessments, private consultations, and mediation through its Dispute Resolution Services to address team conflict and work environments. The Behavioral Threat Assessment Team assists employees and units and coordinates support services in response to incidents of violence or threats involving faculty, staff, and visitors on campus.

We are building a campus where everyone matters, and everyone belongs. I encourage you to help us ensure that all have equal access to the university’s educational and employment opportunities. Thank you for fostering a campus of inclusivity and belonging for everyone.


Marie Lynn Miranda, PhD

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