Contract Services Office – UIC Realignment to UIC Purchasing

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As a continuation of U of I System realignment activities that began in 2016, to move various services from the System office to the three Universities, the Contract Services Office-UIC, formerly known as the Office of Business Development Services/OBDS, will begin reporting to UIC under a phased transition plan.

The newly merged office will be renamed UIC Purchasing and Contract Management and report under Janet Parker, Associate Chancellor, Budget and Financial Administration, effective March 16, 2021.  The combined Contracts Management unit will report to Aaron Rosenthal, Senior Associate Director of Contract Management, who reports to Debra Matlock, Director of UIC Purchasing and Contract Management.  This realignment will create a one-stop location for all UIC contracts that were previously processed by UIC Purchasing or CSO-UIC/OBDS.  We expect this move to achieve operational efficiencies and provide excellent customer service to our UIC customers.

The first phase of the implementation will focus on transitioning certain categories of contracts from CSO-UIC to UIC Purchasing, in anticipation of the full organizational structure change.  Effective October 16, 2020, the following contract types will be processed by UIC Purchasing: 1) hybrid agreements: contracts with both expenditure and revenue generating components; 2) entertainment and event agreements; and 3) athletic game agreements.

If you have any questions about the transition, please contact Aaron Rosenthal at The UIC Purchasing and Contract Management staff look forward to serving your contracting needs.


Janet Parker, Associate Chancellor, Budget and Financial Administration

Gloria Keeley, Assistant Vice President for Business Services

For more information, please contact:
Aaron Rosenthal

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