Worst summer traffic, ever?

Circle Interchange reconstruction

The reconstruction of the Circle Interchange is one reason for this summer’s increased traffic, says Steve Schlickman. Photo: Timothy Ngyuen

“It is one of the worst and it is only going to get worse. Particularly with the Circle Interchange project progressing toward more serious construction and disruption of one of the largest interstate interchanges in the country.”

Steve Schlickman, executive director of the Urban Transportation Center, on traffic jams caused by roadwork, July 28 Daily Herald


“The developments have enabled us to create devices — devices with the potential to help humanity — that do things much better than have ever been done before.”

Constantine Megaridis, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, on research into the uses of superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces, July 24 National Science Foundation Discoveries


“We’ve known for many years, probably since 1960, that the public cares about they way they’re treated by police and not just how police perform fighting violent crime.”

Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminology, law and justice, on Chicago residents’ opinions about the city’s police officers, July 23 DNAinfo

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