9 ways to have winter fun

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Have fun ice skating in Millennium Park!


It’s cold and windy, but this is a normal Chicago winter and there are still plenty of ways to have fun.

  • Check out the Willis (Sears) Tower’s Skydeck. I’m extremely scared of heights, but my plan is to check it out this month and hopefully not faint.
  • Go to the Field Museum and spend a whole day exploring. This place is amazing and it’s definitely worth the trip. Be sure to take a picture with Sue, the awesome dinosaur!
  • Check out the Shedd Aquarium and try and see the awesome rescued sea otter Luna! The aquarium is a great place to go when it is cold and windy outside.
  • Go to Millennium Park and have fun ice skating. Millennium Park is one of a kind, and what better way to spend an evening than ice skating followed by some hot cocoa?
  • Visit the Art Institute of Chicago. We have one of the world’s best art museums in our city! It is definitely worth seeing.
  • Take a walk along the lakefront and see what it is like during the winter. Be sure to bring your camera for pictures!
  • Check out the Magnificent Mile and Water Tower for some awesome shopping. Be sure to stop by Ghirardelli’s for a sweet treat afterwards.
  • Grab some friends and check out a new restaurant or neighborhood. It’s always fun to explore the city with friends!

So, don’t let the winter blues get you down! We live in an amazing city where there is always something fun to do, no matter what the weather is like. After all, we’re Chicagoans and we don’t let the winter weather get to us!


Aneta Murphy is a senior majoring in applied psychology and minoring in sociology. In her spare time, Aneta enjoys going to museums, hiking, biking, fishing and reading. You’ll often find her down on the lakefront trail riding her bike with her husband. She also loves to travel and explore new cities.


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