UIC grads are ‘prepared to address the challenges of our times’

Chancellor Michael Amiridis
Michael Amiridis, UIC Chancellor

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To our graduates:

This is your special day, and I congratulate you on your many accomplishments. This milestone would not be possible without years of dedication, hard work, and family support needed to achieve a high level of academic success.

On behalf of UIC and our diverse community of scholars, students and dedicated staff, thank you for the honor of having chosen this university as your home and for enriching us with your presence and your contributions. We are so proud of our students and everything you have accomplished.

Over the last several years as other universities were experiencing a decline in students, UIC’s enrollment numbers have hit record levels. You chose UIC at a time of growth, excitement and increased recognition. Our rankings have risen dramatically, we have had significant investment put into our research, and we continue to serve the students and families of Chicago and Illinois. You have contributed to our momentum. Without you, these successes and our reputation as Chicago’s only public research university would not be possible. 

As important as our growth and momentum is our dedication to service, equality, and justice. My hope is that you embrace this commitment as your life-long mission as well.

I am confident that your UIC diploma has prepared you for success in your careers, future studies, and in your lives. I believe that you are thoughtful, well-equipped interdisciplinary thinkers who are prepared to address the challenges of our times.

As you progress on your life’s journey, you also move to your next stage of the UIC family, as our newest alumni group. Please know you are forever a Flame and are joining more than 265,000 fellow alumni. We have many resources and a broad network that is willing and able to help you find success on your path and continue your relationship with UIC. I encourage you to remain involved in the life of your university. 

As with family, we hope you are open to sharing your experiences and learning with the next generation of students. And we promise to have the welcome mat out always for you. 

Congratulations again to you and your family, for we know the support made a big difference in your success. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Go Flames!


Michael Amiridis

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