Return to work employee notification

As we move to reopen additional University offices on or before the start of Fall Semester 2020 under Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan, we strongly encourage departments that will bring back employees to work on-site to provide those employees with a written return to work notification. Department heads and supervisors may use this hyperlink for a Return to Work Employee Notification Template.

Each employee should receive an individualized letter which informs them of the following information:

  • Return to Work Date
  • Work Schedule (full-time, reduced time, staggered schedule, remote/on-site hybrid)
  • Days/Times on Site and/or Days/Times Working Remotely

You may customize the letter as needed and should provide one copy to the employee, retain one in the department and each college should retain copy of all such notifications. You do not need to provide copies to UIC HR.

For employees who will continue to work remotely, please review all previously approved remote work agreements and if any changes are needed feel free to edit the agreement and reissue a new one to employees. Copies should be retained in the department and it will not be necessary to forward these to UIC HR.

Feel free to contact the UIC HR Welcome Center at or 312-996-0840 if you have any questions.

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