High-octane music fuels performance

Planet RAWK

Hard rock and metal band PlanetRAWK put on an electrifiying show at Reggies Rock Club.


Reggies Rock Club is the type of venue where up-and-coming acts love to perform. Located on the near South Side, it offers a space small enough for new bands and artists to interact and engage with the audience.

Atlanta-based band PlanetRAWK took advantage of the opportunity during its Jan. 25 show.

PlanetRAWK, a self-described hard rock and metal band with heavy influences from hip-hop, is touring in support of the group’s new album, RAWKzilla.

Equipped with a blend of alternative, metal and hip-hop musical elements, the band has a unique sound. Add the fact that their performance is basically a 30-minute nonstop run of energy and high-octane music, and you have yourself a very entertaining show.

The band opened with a cover of Skrillex’s “Right In.” PlanetRAWK infused the lyrics and music into the song to transform it from an electronic DJ number into a head banger’s dream. Frontman Charlie Ahanotu ran, jumped and swung his dreads with such passion that it was impossible for anyone in the crowd not to nod along.

The band transitioned into “Forsaken,” a song from their EP “Kids with Black Faces.” Lead guitarist Ashley Fayt got her first chance to show off her vocals during the chorus. She filled the venue with smooth grunge-filled yells that perfectly complimented Ahanotu’s loud, hard screams and lyrics. The song had bartenders nodding their heads while making drinks and the crowd clapping and whistling by the end of it. A definite highlight of the night.

And Ahanotu and the rest of PlanetRAWK didn’t stop rocking.

Reggies’ punk-rock look and minimal stage lighting fit the band’s performance perfectly, accentuating the music and electricity flowing from the band members.

The group’s standout act came during the performance of their lead single, “The Storm.” The song highlights the band’s best features: Ahanotu’s engaging energy, Fayt’s vocals, and MikaH Bahamut’s drum solos. Bahamut appeared as cool as the other side of the pillow as he nodded his head calmly and crushed his drum solos, sending the sound of cymbals crashing and snare drums smashing throughout the venue.

The band closed out their performance with “Dead Skin” off their new album. “Thank you so much, Chicago!” shouted Ahanotu. “We’re so happy to be here!” Seeing the crowd’s response, it was obvious they were happy to be there, too.


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