Steve Jones

Distinguished professor of communication


Steve Jones. Photo: Jenny Fontaine/UIC Public Affairs (click on image to download larger size)

A leading social historian of communication technology, Steve Jones is an expert on the cultural impact of new media platforms and devices.

Founder and first president of the Association of Internet Researchers, Jones has been using the Internet since 1979, when he was co-authoring educational materials on the U. of I.’s path-breaking PLATO system.

His interests in technology and policy extend into popular music, youth culture and communication. Other research interests include virtual environments and virtual reality and media history.

Jones is senior research fellow at the Pew Internet & American Life Project and co-editor of New Media & Society, an international research journal. He also edits New Media Cultures, a series of books on culture and technology, and Digital Formations, a series on new media.

His own books, especially “Virtual Culture : Identity and Communication in Cybersociety” (1997) and “Doing Internet Research” (1998), have earned critical acclaim.

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