Samuel Dorevitch

Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences


Samuel Dorevitch

Samuel Dorevitch (Photo: Jenny Fontaine/University of Illinois Chicago)

Environmental epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Dorevitch is professor of environmental and occupational health sciences in the UIC School of Public Health. He is also director of BRACE Illinois, a group based at UIC that works with public health officials throughout the state to develop a climate change adaptation plan for Illinois.

Dorevitch’s research interests include waterborne illness, indicators of water quality, developing innovative methods for measuring pathogens in water, communicating environmental information to the public and asthma and obesity among inner-city residents.

His recent research includes looking at ways to help prevent pathogens in stormwater from polluting Chicago beaches. The project is part of a comprehensive beach initiative that also includes other efforts to reduce known sources of pollution such as gull waste, and a communication program to improve the public’s understanding of beach water quality.

Watch Dorevitch’s 3-minute talk on sustainably producing safe drinking water with local partners in Kenya, delivered at SparkTalks, UIC’s take on faculty lightning talks.

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