Karl Rockne

Professor of civil and materials engineering


Karl RockneKarl Rockne is professor of civil and materials engineering in the UIC College of Engineering. He is an expert on environmental pollution, with a focus on pollution of natural bodies of water including lakes and rivers, and the way natural disasters such as hurricanes and algal blooms, can contribute to the pollutionĀ of natural bodies of water and drinking water. He has worked on projects related to Hurricane Harvey in Texas, drinking water in Flint, Michigan and red tides affecting the Gulf Coast of Florida. He has also worked on a project related to emerging and legacy pollutants in the sediment of the GreatĀ Lakes.

Rockne serves on the White House National Science and Technology Council subcommittees for water availability and quality, emerging pollutants, and the arctic.

Subject areas:

  • Water pollution
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Impact of natural and man-made disasters on drinking water
  • Hydrology of wetlands


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