Unlearning Ableism: Mental Health is Disability Justice

Date / Time

January 30, 2024

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Unlearning Ableism is a discussion series about disability issues and ableism as a system of privilege and oppression. We welcome all people to join us to build community around anti-ableism, whether you identify as disabled, nondisabled or somewhere in between.

What are ableism and sanism? 

What is disability justice? 

How can disability justice help us think about mental health on campus in new ways? 

Unlearning Ableism: Mental Health is Disability Justice will be a conversation about how ableism and sanism are embedded in how we typically think and talk about mental health–and how using a disability justice framework can help us shift our understanding.

This event is a collaboration with UICUF Common Good and is a part of a series of conversations about mental health and disability justice we’re having this year.

COVID-19 safety: UIC does not require masking, but we are still masking in our spaces and at our events as an accessibility measure for chronically ill/immunocompromised folks and those living interdependently with them. Please wear a mask! We’ll have extras on hand. People may be sipping/eating and then replacing their masks. 

Access info: 

  • ASL and CART (live captions) will be provided.
  • The Daley Library has several entrances: 
    • Main Doors Facing Quad (East Doors): To the left of the revolving doors there is a single entrance door with a push button. The push button is on the card swipe post on the left side of the door (approximately 3 feet high).
    • Doors facing Morgan (West Doors): In between the two revolving doors there are two single entrance doors. Each door has a push pad located on the brick pillar approximately 7 feet from the door.
  • There are multi-stall restrooms on all four floors that have a wheelchair accessible stall. These restrooms have automatic door buttons. On the second floor, there is a gender-inclusive, single person restroom that is wheelchair accessible. This restroom does not have an automatic door button.
  • We use fragrance free products in the DCC, but UIC is not a fragrance-free campus. To maintain a low-fragrance environment, please refrain from wearing scents to DCC events. 

Please get in touch with any access requests or questions at dcc@uic.edu or 312-355-7050.

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