Mother Earth Meets the Anthropocene

Date / Time

February 20, 2024

3:00 am - 5:00 pm


Mother Earth Meets the Anthropocene (“The Age of Man”): An Ecofeminist/ Environmental Justice Assessment hosted by the Institute for the Humanities. 

“The Anthropocene,” or “Age of Man,” is a proposed name for the current geological age, one, its proponents claim, to be a new era where “humans” have become a vast force capable of overwhelming the vast forces of “Nature.” This illustrated talk considers the sexed, gendered, racialized and otherwise political concept of “The Anthropocene” in dialogue with concept with the ancient reality of “Mother Nature” or Mother Earth, common to indigenous ecological knowledge as well as contemporary ecofeminist and environmental justice perspectives.

Jane Caputi is professor of women, gender and sexuality studies at Florida Atlantic University. She has written four books, most recently “Call Your ‘Mutha’: A Deliberately Dirty-Minded Manifesto for the Earth Mother in the Anthropocene” (Oxford UniversityPress, 2020). She also has made two educational documentaries, “The Pornography of Everyday Life” (2006), distributed by Berkeley Media, and “Feed the Green: Feminist Voices for the Earth” (2016), distributed by Women Make Movies. In 2016 Caputi was named Eminent Scholar of the Year by the American Culture/Popular Culture Association, and in 2020 the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology gave her their annual “Saga Award” for contributions to women’s history and culture.

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