Black Table Talk x DCC: Reading Discussion of Sami Schalk’s “Black Disability Politics”

Date / Time

April 17, 2024

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

In anticipation of the 2024 Grace Holt Lecture and Celebration with Sami Schalk, the Black Cultural Center, Disability Cultural Center and Racialized Body Cluster at UIC are hosting a reading discussion in person, with an option to join online through Zoom.

Join us to discuss excerpts from Schalk’s book “Black Disability Politics” and the connections it draws and questions it provokes. We’ll read some passages together to get the discussion rolling. You can access the readings here. We will be reading:

  • Introduction: Black Health Matters (pages 1-17)
  • Praxis Interlude One: Anti-ableist Approaches to Fighting Disabling Violence (pages 69-80)
  • (Not a) Conclusion: The Present and Futures of Black Disability Politics (pages 154-160)

In this busy time of the semester, read what you can and come as you are. Don’t forget to register by visiting this link. You can join the Zoom meeting here.

Lunch will be provided. We’ll have vegan and gluten-free options, and lunches will be boxed/take-away friendly, in case people prefer not to unmask around others to eat.

Book giveaway: Thanks to Access Living’s Arts and Culture Project sponsorship, you can get a print copy of “Black Disability Politics” (while supplies last).

COVID-19 safety: More masking means more safety for immunocompromised people in our communities. Because lunch will be served at the in-person event, people will likely be unmasked to eat and drink. Please wear a mask when you’re not actively eating or drinking. We will have extras on hand.

Access info: We will have CART (live captions) in the Zoom meeting. The Black Cultural Center Gallery is on the second floor, and the elevator is located in an adjacent, connected building, Burnham Hall.

This event is hosted by UIC’s Black Cultural Center, Disability Cultural Center and the Provost Initiative on the Racialized Body. We thank our co-sponsors Access Living’s Arts and Culture Project and the UIC Department of Black Studies for their support.

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