Class climate course evaluation

Image shows 6 diverse college students studying in a classroom.

Class Climate is the online course evaluation system that UIC uses for the Student Evaluations of Teaching. The Blackboard integration for Class Climate (UIC Online Evaluation System) makes it convenient for students and instructors to access their course evaluation dashboard from their Blackboard home page. Beginning July 28, and available through August 4, Summer Session 2 and Summer Full Term students and instructors will have the ability to access and fill out the Class Climate survey through Blackboard. The survey will also be sent out by email. 

The student dashboard will display a list of their open course evaluation surveys. Each survey opens in a new browser window. After a student completes a survey, the window displays which evaluations the student has completed and which are pending, so the student can complete all evaluations at once. Primary instructors can access the course evaluation dashboard and see their courses’ current (live) response rate in Blackboard.

The Blackboard and Class Climate integration will increase response rates on course evaluations and make it easy for students to access and take course evaluation surveys.

To learn how to access Class Climate Course Evaluations in Blackboard, please consult this article: How Can I Locate Class Climate Course Evaluation Tool in Blackboard?


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