Campus Housing recognizes outstanding faculty members with HOPE Award

UIC Campus Housing recognized outstanding faculty members during a reception April 2.

Campus Housing hosted its 8th annual Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence Reception on April 2 to recognize outstanding contributions of faculty members who have made a lasting impact on the lives of Campus Housing residents.

Fifty-three faculty members were nominated by over 100 residents across 30 departments and 10 colleges. In addition to those nominated, Campus Housing Faculty-In-Residence also were recognized for their years of dedication and commitment to providing an enriching experience to residents outside of classroom.

“Through their unwavering commitment to the craft of teaching, they not only impart wisdom but also ignite the ‘flames’ of curiosity and instill a thirst for lifelong learning,” said Kenvi Chaudhari, a fourth-year student and senior peer mentor for Campus Housing.

Toni Jackson, assistant director for residential education said, “The HOPE Reception serves as thank you and acknowledgement for the work that you have done as a faculty member. A thank you for being our students trusted compass on the exciting journey of their learning. Our residential community is not only fortified but amplified through the work that you do.”

All nominees received a lapel pin, a certificate and an impact card with the text of nomination.

Recognized faculty members include:

College of Applied Health Sciences
Alejandro Carrillo
Eileen Doran
Giamila Fantuzzi
Paul Hibbing
Tomar Kanan
Vered Arbel
Viviana Kabbabe-Thompson

College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts
Dan Wheeler
Igo Kommers Wender
Jacki Putnam
Jennifer K. Reeder
Lydia Diamond
Matthew Henry Mancini
Stephen Flemister
Tiffany Funk

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Abi Leveille
Adam Jones
Dale Embers
Daniel P. Cervone
Daniel Ingebretson
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Rupert
Julie Jing Chen
Kian Bergstrom
Krishni Burns
Lisa Stolley
Maria Yermolina
Marina Mogilner
Mika Obana Changet
Rita Hatfield
Ryan Hazelton
Todd Sherfinski
Vi Diep
Will Ash
Zachary Kyle

College of Business Administration
George Scully
James W. Cooper
Michael McLaughlin
Neel Patel
Rustam Zufarov

College of Engineering
Gonzalo Bello Lander
Inna Parton-Vaisband
Lin Li
Natalie Parde

College of Medicine
Dr. Jaye Schreier
Dr. Mary Lou Schmidt
Dr. Vidya Govind

Honors College
Brandon Ishikata

College of Dentistry
Dr. Denise Hale

College of Education
Terrell R. Morton

College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Mirtza Campbell

Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services
Eduardo Mendoza
Mitzi Ramos

Campus Housing Faculty-In-Residence
Stephanie Anderson, College of Business Administration
Dr. Memoona Hasnain, College of Medicine
Mario LaMothe, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Charles McPherson, College of Pharmacy
Amie Schuck, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nicholas Weststrate, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Learn more about HOPE Awards.

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