It’s cold and snowy outside. Here are some fun things to do indoors.


After suffering through an absolutely freezing weekend, I am desperately seeking some type of warm up. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking much better in the upcoming days. So what do we do? What can we do? Throw another blanket over ourselves at night when the chill is creeping in, minimize our time outdoors or just hope for warmer days. For me, this means hibernating whenever possible; I tend to stay inside of the building for extended periods of time — sometimes days — besides leaving for class. I’m not a winter or cold weather hater, but this is getting old.

You know why? I’m sure you do. CABIN FEVER.

I feel a sort of second wave of cabin fever come over me this time of year. Once, in the early months of winter, as the skies get darker faster and you are first chilled to the bone, I find it creeping in. Eventually, I’m adjusted to the climate change and shorter days, and I even begin to enjoy the longer periods of darkness (I’m not a vampire or zombie, I swear!) But right about this time of year, I start itching for the warmer, longer days. I find it hard to believe that in just a short amount of time, we will be shedding our winter jackets and spending time in the sun again. The cabin fever is real, and for now, there is nothing any of us can do but focus on what we need to accomplish and push forward to the warmer weather. But while we are stuck inside, let’s focus on being more productive and accomplishing things that need to be taken care of inside, so that when it’s finally time to step outdoors for more than 5 minutes, we will be guilt free!

  • Read those books you’ve been meaning to. Stop lounging around every time you are free. Pick up a book — something other than a textbook — for enjoyment. Sure, it’s great to relax out in the sun in the summer with a good book, but there’s something about being wrapped up in a blanket on a couch or your favorite chair, drinking hot chocolate and reading a great novel.
  • Winter/Spring clean! It doesn’t matter that it isn’t exactly spring! Clean out your wardrobe, your drawers, anything and everything! You may find it easier to be indoors when your space is less cluttered and more to your liking. While you’re at it, redecorate!
  • Clean out your virtual space, too. Go through your emails, old memory cards, anything and everything. Clean them out and save whatever files you need. I’m pretty sure this is something we all need to do.
  • Get crafty. There’s nothing quite like a good old DIY project. Need ideas? Check out Pinterest, or just use your imagination.
  • Netflix and movie nights! Who am I kidding? It isn’t like you aren’t already doing that. I am so against watching too many movies or Netflix series over the summer— at least not on nice days and nights. Now is the time to spend hours watching quality entertainment. No judgment here.
  • Learn a new instrument/game/skill/whatever! Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Chess? Shuffle cards? There are a lot of things that we all say we want to learn or do and never get around to. Seize the indoor time now and learn something new!
  • Drink as many hot drinks as possible. Trust me on this one, hot chocolate, tea and coffee can sound preeeettttyyyy gross in the heat of the summer. Get as many in as your heart desires now. You’ll miss them in a few months.
  • Apply for jobs/internships. I know this is definitely a year-round activity, but now is the perfect time to line up your post-college job or summer internship. Plenty of time to research what you are looking for!

And if you don’t already have a cuddly, warm blanket to do all of these things under, get yourself one now! But most of all, stay warm!


Holly Brenza (F)


Holly Brenza is a senior majoring in English and minoring in communications and management. In her spare time, Holly enjoys playing with her puppy, Bear, and watching the Blackhawks and White Sox, reading and trying out new recipes. After graduation, she hopes to work in public relations.


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