WGN installs WeatherBug camera on UIC campus

Weather camera at UIC
WGN has installed a WeatherBug camera at UIC, atop University Hall. (Photo: Kealan Burke/AEM)

A new partnership between UIC Strategic Marketing and Communications and WGN, one of Chicago’s top local television stations, will augment WGN’s weather reporting while raising the visibility of UIC.

In June, WGN installed a WeatherBug camera on top of University Hall, adding to the network of cameras across the Chicago area that the station uses to monitor the weather. The camera will give a view in all directions, meaning the WGN weather team will be able to see thunderstorms approaching and snow accumulating on major roads. WGN will start receiving a feed from the new camera this week, and viewers can see the view from the camera through the WeatherBug app.

The partnership will leverage WGN’s wide viewership and strong community presence while enhancing the university’s visibility, emphasizing that UIC is both part of Chicago and for Chicago residents.

The WGN weather team uses several tools to monitor the weather, like lightning detectors, satellites and Doppler radar, said WGN meteorologist Mike Janssen.

“The new camera high atop University Hall on the UIC campus will give the WGN weather team a view in all directions to monitor the weather,” Janssen said. “Thunderstorms approaching downtown from the west will be easily seen, as will any that might trek through the North or South sides. We will also be able to see if falling snow is accumulating on the major roadways leading into downtown as well as the Jane Byrne Interchange. When conditions are quieter, the view from UIC toward Chicago’s skyline will be one of the best.”

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