UIC graduate programs continue to improve in U.S. News rankings

The ARC building with a backdrop of the Willis Tower.
The University of Illinois Chicago has been recognized in the U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings. (Photo: UIC)

The University of Illinois Chicago has been recognized again for its academic strength in the U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings. The 2023 edition, released March 29, features information and rankings in law, engineering, business, medicine, public affairs, education and other graduate-level disciplines.

Overall, UIC had 15 programs in the top 30 in the country, with urban policy, a specialty in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, ranked 5th. In addition, four schools or colleges also ranked in the top 30, with the College of Nursing and the School of Public Health ranked 11th and 16th respectively.

Another important recognition was the College of Medicine’s diversity ranking jumping 23 spots to 16th out of 125 ranked schools from last year’s numbers. Additionally, in the health professional shortage area, or HPSA, measure, which considers the percentage of graduates practicing in health professional shortage areas, the College of Medicine rose 18 spots to 48th out of 161 schools, compared to last year.

“The acknowledgment of our health sciences colleges among the nation’s most diverse and influential graduate schools and programs is a testament to UIC’s rich tradition of community-based education, research and training,” said Dr. Robert Barish, UIC vice chancellor for health affairs. “The university’s academic health enterprise is proud to celebrate these rankings as indicators of our recognized expertise and commitment to health equity for the state of Illinois and beyond.”

College of Medicine Executive Dean Dr. Mark Rosenblatt added, “Based on our size and our longstanding emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, we are proud that we graduate more African American students than any medical school not part of a historically Black college or university and more Latino students than any other medical school in the continental United States.”

In other areas:

For the UIC College of Nursing, its master’s program in nursing practice climbed four spots to 13th place out of 199 ranked schools and its doctoral program in nursing practice ranked 11th out of 158 schools. In the doctoral program specialty of adult gerontology acute care, UIC Nursing ranked 8th in the country.

The College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs is 29th out of 270 ranked public affairs schools and programs, up five spots from the previous year. Its specialty in local government management climbed one spot to 12th and its specialty in urban policy is ranked 5th.

The Master of Social Work in the Jane Addams College of Social Work ranked 21st out of 298 schools, up four spots from the last time it was listed in 2020.

The College of Education, ranked 41st overall, saw its largest gains in the education administration and supervision category, where it jumped nine spots to 15th out of 274 ranked schools.

UIC College of Education Dean Kathryn Chval said the numbers reinforce the national reputation of the college’s Urban Education Leadership Program and its unique role.

“The faculty has a national presence through their research, publications, and strong partnerships. The intentional and strategic program design attracts professionals who want to lead and impact urban schools and communities,” Chval said.

The UIC School of Law’s trial advocacy ranking rose three slots to 21st out of 187 schools, while legal writing increased by one point to 15th out of 186 schools and the part-time JD program also rose by one point to 28th out of 69 schools.

Within the College of Engineering, several specialties showed gains, led by biomedical engineering, which rose by eight points to 45th out of 143 schools.

“The U.S. News rankings reflect the momentum and growth that our campus and especially our graduate schools are experiencing, which is transformational,” said UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis. “As Chicago’s only public research university, we remain driven by our mission to serve and support our community of diverse students, as they develop and progress toward fulfilling careers.”

Not all programs are ranked every year, although the U.S. News Best Graduate Schools publication and website present the most recent rankings for every program.

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