On-campus Flu Vaccinations

Dear students, faculty and staff,

We’re pleased to report that our collective vigilance has helped keep the spread of COVID-19 low on the UIC campus. When it comes to the health of the UIC community, we have done what is expected from an academic institution, placing our trust in science and consistently following the recommendations of our world-class experts. Based on such recommendations, and as the October to March flu season approaches, we strongly encourage every member of our UIC community – whether on campus or off – to be vaccinated for the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that this is more important than ever during the current pandemic and our own experts strongly agree with this recommendation. Vaccination will not only help protect you, your family and our UIC community from seasonal flu, but will also serve to reduce the burden on healthcare systems which are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are on the Chicago campus, you will be able to get the flu vaccine throughout the month of October. Students and employees can obtain a flu shot at locations on the east and west sides of campus and at John Marshall Law School. An appointment can be made up to three weeks in advance. Please visit the UIC Flu Vaccine webpage for complete information, vaccination locations, and to schedule your appointment. Flu vaccination events and plans for students and employees at UIC’s regional sites in Peoria, Quad Cities, Rockford, Springfield and Urbana will be communicated separately by the colleges involved in these sites.

The University of Illinois Hospital and Clinics and some other UI Health units have mandatory vaccine requirements. Individuals in these units will receive direct communication.

If you are learning or working from home or are a retiree and you do not plan to be on campus during this period, we encourage you to obtain your flu shot from your personal healthcare provider, local pharmacy or a city or county health department clinic.

We would also like to thank University Health Services and our health sciences colleges for providing the expertise and staff needed to administer the flu vaccine to our on-campus community. We are grateful for their participation in this important health initiative.

While no one can predict the severity of either COVID-19 or the flu this fall and winter, the CDC has warned of the possibility that both viruses will be spreading. Therefore, it is important that we all continue to follow our protocols for social distancing, hand washing, wearing face coverings and completing the daily wellness screening, and stay home if you are sick. Individuals who do not have symptoms should continue to participate in our COVID-19 saliva-based testing. Individuals who do have symptoms or those with a high-risk exposure should contact a healthcare provider, student health services or University Health Services to be tested. Our contact tracing efforts are in place and have been proven to be very effective when a case of COVID-19 is identified in the campus community.

Thank you again for all you are doing to keep UIC safe and healthy both this semester and in the coming year.


Michael D. Amiridis

Robert Barish, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

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