Robert Sargis

Associate Professor of Medicine


Robert Sargis

Dr. Robert Sargis
(Photo: Jenny Fontaine/UIC)

Dr. Robert Sargis is an associate professor of medicine in the College of Medicine. He is a physician-scientist with an interest in how the environment may contribute to obesity and diabetes.

His research has focused on understanding how endocrine-disrupting chemicals and pollutants play a role in the development of metabolic diseases. His laboratory has found that tolylfluanid, a common agricultural fungicide and component of marine paints, contributes to obesity and insulin resistance. His most recent work examines the consequences and mechanisms by which exposure to fungicides and arsenic disrupt metabolism. He hopes his findings will serve as a foundation for public policy changes that will help mitigate the impact of these environmental toxins on vulnerable populations.

Sargis’ clinical practice focuses on the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders.


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