“The Mask of Prosperity” curatorial walkthrough

Date / Time

July 25, 2024

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Gallery 400


What have you inherited? Maybe it’s a physical object, an heirloom like a necklace or a ring. Or maybe your inheritance is intangible. It could be a point of view, belief or way of looking at the world. It could be a trait you share with a relative. Perhaps you haven’t thought about what inheritance means to you.

For this curatorial walkthrough of the Gallery 400 exhibit “The Mask of Prosperity” led by curator Denny Mwaura, we invite you you to bring these inheritances, physical or not, for a vibrant discussion on their meanings. We will be joined by some of the exhibiting artists whose works consider the legacies we might acquire, hold on to or choose to reject across cultural and personal life.

Read more about the exhibit or read an interview with the curator.

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